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Hush, Little Baby
An article by Tara Diel published on BeWellWorld.com

Testimonials from Satisfied Patients

Over the years of working as a licensed PT, I have had many satisfied patients; here are a few of the many success stories.

If you are suffering from one of these symptoms, call me or send me an email and I will work my hardest to restore your body to its optimum performance. And remember, if I determine that manual physical therapy is not appropriate or feel that you would better benefit from a different type of intervention, I will recommend what I see as the best treatment for your specific situation.

After dropping out of the half marathon I had been training for due to painful plantar fascitis, I spent close to 4 months trying traditional physical therapy, orthotics, a night splint, ibuprofen, rest, ice, you name it, with little improvement. I saw Tara for one treatment and a week later I took my first kickboxing class in months. I started back running shortly thereafter and am now shaping up to do the Baltimore Half in October. I continue to see Tara for common aches and pains associated with running, and have never felt better. I am grateful to Tara for her expertise and knowledge, and her ability to look at pain in a more holistic way. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get to the root of a problem.
Kelley S. - Catonsville, MD

Our family is very, very grateful to Tara Diel and her wonderful osteopathetic/healing talents. Our youngest daughter, now 2 years old, had reflux as an infant. Even though she was on the highest dose of Zantac that she could take for her weight and age, she still showed signs of discomfort. Our poor little girl was very fussy and unhappy and there seemed to be nothing we could do (and we tried it all: massage, positioning, gripe water, sleeping on an incline, etc...) And then, Tara work her "magic" on her. After the first session that Tara completed, our baby was a different child. She was 6 months old at the time. She sat up on her own, she just seemed happier. The most significant detail of the story is that we did not tell my mother about the treatment. My mother provided babysitting for our daughters one day a week while I worked. Prior to the first treatment, our daughter would fuss throughout the day. As my mother commented, she was just an unhappy baby. After that first treatment, when I asked my mother how my baby was that day, she said "she was a different child today". And then I told her what Tara had done, my mother was astounded, and could hardly believe it. It was only the first treatment,but it made such a huge difference in our lives. And it was a start, it gave us hope. We continued with treatment and eventually our daughter was weaned off of her medicine. I cannot imagine what our first year would have been like with out Tara's help. I only wish we had approached her sooner and gotten help for our baby. Thank you,Tara!!!!!!
Carla N. - Baltimore, MD

If you have been treated and would love to share your success story with others, please send your testimony by email to taradielpt@gmail.com.